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1991 500sl, 1963 Impala SS
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I hope this instructions are somewhat clear, if you have anything to add, please do so.

First you have to remove the storage compartment (I included a gif, 87131967). After removing the compartment you need to take out the rear panels (if you're taking out both hydraulics, which is a good idea). This panels are attached by a large screw right below the roll bar (make sure the roll bar is in the up position) and a few clips (you have to force it out, but be careful). After taking the rear panels out you have to lift the convertible storage cover (gif 87122014) if it's not already up; you may have to do this manually. Look inside the convertible storage area (towards the front) and you'll see a large cilynder (87122015.jpg). Take out the clip (and the pin attaching it to the frame of the top, 87122017.jpg). Now, you have to remove the bottom of the cylinder (87122016.gif), use a rachet, the bolt holding the cylinder is a very fine thread bolt, so be patient. The last step is to remove the clips for the hydraulic lines and take it out and send it to Dennis Ficken, he did a hell of job fixing my cilynders.

Best wishes,

Luis DelosSantos.


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