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MA, Amherst

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Zbylut Motor Works on Route 9 in Amherst, MA is a good shop. The owner listened to my problem with a SRS code light and grabbed the scan tool and said lets see whats up. In a couple of minutes he reset the code and retested the system. All came up good. It is still okay. My son had set the code by disconnecting the seat grid wire while getting something from under the seat with the car running.
So the owner goes back into the shop and mentions while we are chatting "oh I gotta charge you for that" and my response was "I gotta pay you to make sure you stay around". He is a good guy just starting out at this location.
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I towed my car there based of a pleasant call w/owner Luke

I had no idea who to trust, seems like most wanna get rich!.. So I am pumped to see Luke's shop is on benzworld!! I randomly opened the yellow pages n saw they specialized in imports.
I called, I could hear the person was on the other line so I hung up figuring I'd call later. Shockingly received a call back with in minutes! This was the 1st sigh of a shop that actually cares n wants to help people. Like many others said Luke is awesome he listens, no one Ive ever worked with completely listened, most end up saying; ok, k ill call u if I have questions. Luke's personable n seems to b genuinely a nice person.
I'm pumped that his shop is listed on here, because before I read this, I made my own judgement as he was a real nice, n seemed to b a respectful person, I had my car towed to his shop which is an hour from my house.

I'm waiting for him to check it out, n he's supposed to call with the list...

Ill post an update once I hear
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Heard back! Real honest

So, ya I def neglected repairs for a couple years:
Now I'm replacing:
Sperpentine belt, tensioner, & pulley; $450
All valve cover gaskets, spark plug wires, & ingnition wires
Oil cooler o rings: $400
Power steering o rings: $150
2 engine mounts, & 1 trans mount: $550.
Altogether $2850.
I figure this is reasonable because I had 3 damn oil leaks.
Please let me kno if anyone has an opinion on this. Thanks
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