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MA, Amherst

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Zbylut Motor Works on Route 9 in Amherst, MA is a good shop. The owner listened to my problem with a SRS code light and grabbed the scan tool and said lets see whats up. In a couple of minutes he reset the code and retested the system. All came up good. It is still okay. My son had set the code by disconnecting the seat grid wire while getting something from under the seat with the car running.
So the owner goes back into the shop and mentions while we are chatting "oh I gotta charge you for that" and my response was "I gotta pay you to make sure you stay around". He is a good guy just starting out at this location.
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I 2nd that recommendation for Zbylut!

As of September 2011, Zbylut Motor Works seems to be doing a booming business, while remaining what everyone else has already said; knowledgeable, patient, friendly, and reasonable.

The only thing I would add, is that Luke Zbylut is very knowledgeable about vintage Mercedes, such as my 1974, as well as newer models. He also has good connections for obtaining parts for older cars. That being said, he is human and older cars are going to be more difficult to find parts for and to service, but he always does the best he can and will be very honest about preventive maintenance on such older cars.

When I first brought him my car, he gave me an inventory of what was mandatory, what could wait, and nice to have, as well as an honest assessment of whether or not to invest in the car at all. He just tuned it up this month (one of those could wait items), and it runs like a new car. Very pleased.
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