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M5 owners putting together a petition against BMW

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-------<p>for their faulty clutches!!! <p>I've heard it from other people, but have read that it is actually happening on one M5 board
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Not just the M5 clutch, other 5 series as well

Check the back issues of Motortrend or perhaps Car and Driver. You will find about 2 years ago they did a long term test of a BMW 540i with the 6speed. My recollection was that they burned out the clutch in the first 6 months.<p>So it doesn't take 400hp to burn it out. Something is wrong with the design. Obviously they must have outsourced the design and manufacture of this 'less than germanlike' tranny. <p>qualitat is nicht arbeit eins! <p>(a poor take on Ford's quality is job 1)<p>na ya, mein deutsch ist schade. I habe in Frankfurt gewontd for drei yahre aber ich habe vorgessen alles!! sheis!<p>Oy, if my german teacher could see this...he would cry (literally...he was a little funny)<p>
Too funny Rick ... I knew I'd hear from you on this one :)

----------<p>Philguy's problem with his '99 E55 was an anomoly. With any mass-produced product, there is bound to be a worker or two asleep at the station. <p>However, with our AMG's, as you have seen from the pics of the AMG factory, 1 worker assembles the engine, 1 worker assembles the interior, 1 worker handles the suspension, and 1 worker puts in the transmission and related components. So, it appears that the guy who assembled Philguys trani had his bachelor party the night before ... but at least Philguy could take it to his trusty-dealer, who took responsibility for the repair, who not only fixed the problem, but replace the whole works ... under warranty. <p>MB, with the next model year, began installing the transmission found in the MB S600, 12-cylinder model (which is also used in the supercharged Jaguar coupe/convertible, BTW). But, until Philguy, I have never heard a single story of trani/clutch problems in any E55, especially for the last two model years.<p>BMW, it appears, isn't stepping up to the plate ... after all, they designed the car to have 400 h.p., they should have designed a clutch that could handle the punch (wouldn't the torque have more of an adverse effect on the clutch than the horsepower?). <p>Truthfully Rick, I don't knowing enough detail about the clutch-issue (other than the post on the M5 Board soliciting the petition, and lots of other posts from owners who have clutch problems) to comment on it. I can't imagine BMW would let a poorly designed clutch roll-over into the next model year without a change, and M5 owners will really know now if their dealer is everthing they thought he was when they ask him to cover the clutch repair (is the clutch problem considered a 'wear and tear' item?) <p>Re: the 'laundry' (too funny!)... respect where respect is due: its hard to find anything 'dirty' with the M5 ... but when one does ... break out the Tide, strike-up the band, and string the clothesline ... <p>Regards, <p>Drew.
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Infidels! There are spies amongst us!

Ouch!<p>My own post being used against me! I did not know that we have M5 spies in our midst! Ok ok... I take back all those things I said about hwo the M5 sucks and is an awaful rip off. I did not say that the M5's performance to value is dismal - too high priced for minimal performance. I did not say that the M5's luxury standards are substandard. I did not say that the M5's performance is disappointing given the manual. I did not say that the M5 lacks is using old technology.<p>As I said, I don't want anyone to think that I am not impressed with the M5.<p>)
Clutch in manual 5-Series tends to wear fast!!

And I agree with Aaron, it's more of a design flaw. HP output has nothing to do with it. But again, BMW is not selling alot of 540i Sport anyway.. :p<p>As for the slipping tranny on E55, it can be easily tracked back in AMG, and pinpoint the problem. But the willingness of the dealer to deal with the matter, is another story....<p>No one is laughing at M5s having problem with Clutch, things happen, when it happens, it happens.... Maybe you have taken the whole thing too seriously???<p>Chill out...<p>Andy Kuo
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