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Hi Everyone

I recently put the 20" AMG III's, which come stock on the s65, on my '01 S500. I had aftermarket wheels on the car when I purchased and had to get different lug bolts. These are the lugbolts I used, ordered from

M14x1.5x65mm lug bolts

They work perfectly but I need to get wheel locks now. From searching the foums, I found a link to these:

Mcgard 28017, Wheel Lock Set 14X1.5 Lug Bolts, Steel, Chrome, 14mm x 1.50 RH, 1.772 in.

But in terms of length, which is why I had to purchase new bolts to begin with, theyre 45mm compared to 65mm for the lug bolts I purchased. I'd also like to get the McGard Ultra, these are the regular ones that anyone can shove a socket over and get off.

I've checked gorilla's website and found a brand called alpina, which may be suitable. Wondering if anyone has a better suggestion...

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