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M110 valve adjustment tips?

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I have read Nobby's valve adjustment writeup and it is my guide.

I have the feeler gauge, the special wrench, the valve cover gasket and the will to do it as an oil change is up.

My question is there anything to look for while the engine is opened up? I want to measure the timing chain stretch, I think you line the engine up to TDC on the crank pulley then you compare the marks on the cam and see how much it is off.

When I turn the motor over is there anything I should do other than

Is there anything to look at? Check the rocker arms or rattle clips for wear?
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Never counter rotate the engine.

Line up the cam timing marks and measure for stretch at the damper scale.

I don't think the M110's cams are far enough apart for much of a difference to show. Set the cam furthest from the crank pulley at its mark.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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