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M110 Euro Fuel Pump Relay Question

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Car is a 1984 production date 280CE Euro Spec... The fuel pump relay needs replacing. Currently "jumping" terminals so the car will start.

My question is, the OEM Mercedes relay, part number 001 545 6805 has a list price of $416.49 with my discounted price of $272.00 from my local dealership. There are none in the US and they need to order one from Germany and could take up to 2 weeks to arrive.

Kaehler makes an after market relay that is for the Euro 280SE/SEL/SL and lists for $99.00, but it says E-Tacho and not M-Tacho. Anyone know what the E versus M Tachgo means?

$99.00 is much easier on the wallet than $272.00, but not if it won't work.

And is the OEM Relay worth the premium price over say a Meyle of Vemo brand? I can get those for around $120.00 from overseas.

001 545 6805
6650/min 6Zyl 12V
M Tacho

6650/min 6Zyl

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The M-Tacho is for 123 with mechanical speedometer and the E-Tacho is for 126/107 with electronic speedometer. Both have similar wiring. I think the E-Tacho will work on 123 chassis, but idle cut-off feature will not working on 123 with this relay. If it will not work then try to disconnect pin #1 - it is for speed sensor.
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