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So I took her to the shop today, luckily it was open.

Had the squeaky noise checked out and my suspicions were correct, the belt was loose because of the old belt tensioner, it will be fixed ASAP, the guy at the shop told me that it could last some while but changing it is the best way to go.

Also had the alternator checked, it's running healthy without any problems.

And at the shop she stalled twice and the guy took out the kickdown relay and resoldered some parts of it, said it was cutting the gas sometimes.

So while she's sitting in the garage, I'm thinking of resoldering the kickdown and the OVP relays, I've read some articles upon it and saw that's it's not the hardest thing to do, yet before going and taking it all out I'll practice for some time upon some circuits around the house.

And about the rough idling at cold start, the guy also suggested the idling valve could the clogged, I'll get carb cleaner and soak it in it tomorrow, it will help anyways with the performance and efficieny.

Thanks everyone for their support, I'll continue to update the topic of anyone's interested.
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