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I’m in the process of replacing my stock rims with aftermarket. They’ll require 12x1.5x26 or 27mm ball lug bolts. In searching available limited aftermarket sources there are numerous chrome plated, and one European (coated) suppliers. One claims, that the “all chromed are Oriental manufactured” and “inferior” subject to breakage. The coated version with freight is double in cost to anyone else on the planet with the exception to the MB dealer.

The newer version of the discontinued factory original (long) bolt has been reduced in overall length and reducing potential to breakage. The chrome plating process does impact (reduce) the strength of the bolt while increasing the durability and exterior strength/hardness.

My question is; While leaning towards the coated version, does anyone know of other sources for the coated? Also has anyone had pro/con experiences with the newer/shorter chrome plated and whose? Does the MB forum recognize any preferred vendors?

Thanks for your reply in advance.
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