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lubricating ignition mechanism?

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is there any spray that won't short anything out up inside the ignition mechanism? The key goes in great but upon turning it is rough and you can kinda feel the key twist a little in it's spring loaded remote from the rough feeling switch. Still starts good but it's getting worse with time.
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If I had the same problem I would go with powder graphite which is used for keylocks and works very good on small mechanical mechanisms without the need of using wet oils.

I will apply some lightly on the key and then insert the key and maybe, if needed, repeat the process without abusing it.. Put something underneath the key so that the powder don't fall on your carpet..

That's just my thought on what I would do.. I don't know if this is the best fix/solution for this type of mechanism though..

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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