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lowering springs

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Hi, only been here a few weeks and just wondered if anyone knows whether the coil springs from a 2000 E55 AMG saloon ( sedan) will fit on a 2000 E240 estate/wagon, I have found some and the seller says they will lower the car by 30mm and will fit any V8 E class W210 model, obviously mine is not the V8 but I wondered if the physical sizes were compatible,they also come with the rubber mounts as well, I have just fitted AMG staggered set up wheels and think the cars appearance could be improved by just dropping it a bit, thanks in advance
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My understanding is that the suspension parts are not interchangeable. Quick search of spring sites like eibach, H&R, tirerack would tell you if they are the same part numbers for lowering springs, if not, you know you have a motivated but untruthful seller.

Take care and enjoy the ride,
Had not thought about looking at their sites, will give it a go, many thanks for that
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