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Lowering options for my 260E

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In about a months time I'm going to go about getting my 260E lowered.. now I've read all the lowering threads but my question is a bit different..

First of all I live in Sydney, Australia and although I havne't done heaps of research I thinkn my options are limited.

What's the best parts and brands to use to lower this model mercedes and the prices.. I've heard eiibach (sp) is the best but there's a couple of brands just under that which are perfect and cheaper?

Also, how will I know if I need to replace my suspension? Should I just do it anyway?

I want a drop so that I can put 18"s on it later and it would look pretty good.. so just over an inch? I'm not too sure..
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hey, yea you should get new suspension just for good measure, just as mine were blown it was good to just get it replaced. Bilsteins are the way to go, and for the springs, H&R are pretty decent, just about as good as the eibach but a few hundred cheaper (for me anyway) well good luck, post pics when you get em
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