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Lowering options for my 260E

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In about a months time I'm going to go about getting my 260E lowered.. now I've read all the lowering threads but my question is a bit different..

First of all I live in Sydney, Australia and although I havne't done heaps of research I thinkn my options are limited.

What's the best parts and brands to use to lower this model mercedes and the prices.. I've heard eiibach (sp) is the best but there's a couple of brands just under that which are perfect and cheaper?

Also, how will I know if I need to replace my suspension? Should I just do it anyway?

I want a drop so that I can put 18"s on it later and it would look pretty good.. so just over an inch? I'm not too sure..
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I have H&R's and I love them. The Eibach's are very nice, but they do not lower your car as much as H&R's or vogtlands.

When you say "replace your suspension" are you referring to just your shocks and springs? Because I highly recommend doing them both at the same time. Your shocks are probably shot by now anyway.

Good luck, mate!
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