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Lowering Advice..

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Recently, i saw a very cool w140 with body lowered. Damn! i want to do the same and i need ure help..

Does anyone ever lowered their w140? If so, please tell the following. (i have factory shocks)

1) Do i need to buy new shocks?
2) What exectly will be done to lower the body to 1.5 to 1.75 inches?
3) Does anyone know how much is it going to cost me?

Anything else would be very helpful.

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I did mine myself but I did buy the correct tools(Bahn Spring compressor) and (some good quality wrenches your choice). I have HR springs on mine and I'm still using the stock shocks up front for now. I also had to replace the nitrogen cells for the self leveling rear suspension. But last but not least I have to re adjust the leveling screw for the rear suspension.

Oops I left something out I used alignment bushings in the rear to get the alignment back into specs.

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