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Ok, here’s all the details for the springs upgrade. Its always been so tough to really imagine what the results would look like to lower the car. I’m glad that I went with the springs and not the full shocks because it feels just about right. I lost the floating feel and gained in firm handling. I did not loose in ride quality yet got a gain in performance. It was not necessary to adjust camber because it was not “slammed� and did not have an effect. The only thing I might adjust is getting the front to go down 0.5� just to balance out. I am interested to hear what everyone thinks. I got H&R Springs which the specifies apx. frt. lwr = 1.3� apx. rea. lwr = 1.25 pt. no. 52724 sug. rtl. 369.00/kit and we used MB #2 spring pads. I went with those sport springs because the other ones don't lower it enough or lowers it too much. I’ve included detailed pictures to hopefully give everyone a more detailed look. I’ve also put a tape measure next to the wheel so that you can see the differences. Note that the front has more space (2�) than the rear (1.5�) as others have mentioned.<br><br>
Just in case the pictures don't show here are the links...<br><br>
The full profile view shows: <br><br> Profile Left Side.jpg<br><br>
The front wheel looks like: <br><br> Profile Left.jpg<br><br>
The front close up:<br><br> Wheel Left Close Up.jpg<br><br>
The rear wheel looks like:<br><br> Profile Left Close Up.jpg<br><br>
The rear close up:<br><br> Wheel Left Close Up.jpg
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