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Lower transmission line leak at radiator bolt: trick to tighten and seal?

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I replaced repaired radiator into 1998 C280. Tightened upper Transmission line Banjo Bolt with no issues. No leaking under pressure. Since the line going into the lower radiator transmission cooler port is a flared fitting, I've tightened it up as tight as it can go, but I'm still experiencing a tiny drip, when she's under pressure. Is there a trick to tightening it to prevent a leakage?
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Im having an issue regarding the nut from the atf line to the radiator as well. My only problem is that the male connector and or the bolt(thought i believe it to be the male connector as i tested the bolt on my old radiator and it fit well) the male connection is indeed stripped and im struggling to find the correct size for a die kit. So far ive struck out twice on amazon trying to get the correct size. Anyone know the specs of this that might help me out a ton.
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