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I have an 08 E350 4Matic - no, doesn't have Airmatic suspension - and I'd like to lower it a bit (mostly for aesthetic purposes, but yes, I do appreciate the better handling with lower center of gravity! :) ). It is not clear to me that I can lower a 4Matic? Looking through various suspension catalogs I don't usually see anything specific to the 4Matic set-up. I'd really like to purchase a spring set that lowers the car about 1-1.5".

Anyone recommend a spring set -- or have lowered their 4Matic?

This is a pic of the car stock:

Also, I have the 333 Sport package, which does have "lowered suspension", but I don't think it is much lower than non-Sport (when purchasing I drove both with and without 333, and looked at the two side-by-side without noticing too much difference in ride height).

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