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Lower control arm PSA

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Was going to add on to my 220 revival thread, but thought this was important enough to make a new posting.

Got a phone call from the youngest...the car was "sitting funny" on the tire. He had pulled into a parking lot and heard a big thump and a creaking sound; shut her down and checked it out. He pulled forward after finding nothing unusual and the car did its best imitation of a low rider on airbags:|

So got her home safely, and found the lower control arm had snapped off at the ball joint. Ironically I had given the underside a good inspection and completely missed this as it looked good, all the rubber was tight and greased, no vibrations etc.... a lot of the metal missing was flaking off from the inside out while the exterior remained decent looking.

Makes me a little queasy to think how different this might have turned out at highway speeds, so check them out very closely.

And pics of the inside out rusting carnage:


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My 97 C230 200k right lower control arm failed due to rust through at 30mph 2 weeks ago. Just got done putting in 2 new arms and ball joints...waiting on new shorter bolts and 10mm space plates to fit the c220 8 hole rims and new rubber on. Wish I had caught it too!
Tire just went under the fender and firewall but the body guy says no problem to fix. It just skidded to a halt in the same lane no traffic behind luckily. Did all the rest of the work myself. Car was in Boston and the Berkshires since 97 lotsa salt here
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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