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Low brake petal

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I need to raise the petal a little. No malfunction its not a dragging calliper. I pulled the access panel off the bottom of the dash but didn't see an adjustment. It got dark, I was in the driveway, and I buttoned it up but there must be an adjustment for petal travel and the cylinder. Its a 2000 320 ML.
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I bought a 2002 ML320 new and have asked my dealer at least 10 times to make the same adjustment. They have told me each time that no adjustment can be made. After 55,000 miles I have basically gotten used to them! But my wife really hates that feature of my ML, preferring to drive her LS400 Lexus. I am also still interested yo know if there is any way to make this adjustment.
I've had 2 ML's now! An 00 430 and an 05 500SE. That's just how they are. You cannot adjust them. If they don't pump up higher, or bleed down when under steady pressure, then they're OK. I can barely get the toe of my shoe under the pedal when I stop. Always been that way on both trucks. Just how it is, and they stop on a dime!! [8D]
bobalvis - 2/24/2005 10:28 AM
I am also still interested you know if there is any way to make this adjustment.Bob
There is no way, as far as I know, of adjusting the pedal heights, which is a pity; however, I have added aftermarket pedals (stuck on top of the MB pedals) which does affect the height a little.

If you search this forum for AMG pedal you will get pictures.
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