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1994 E320 Cabriolet, 2010 C300 4Matic
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I just bought a 2010 C300 4Matic with 71k miles and no accident history. Of course, I test-drove the car during daylight hours. When I drove it at night, I was appalled by the performance of the headlights, they were downright dangerous. The high-beams work great and are super powerful, but the low beams are horrible. I realized that what I think I'm experiencing is that my daytime running lights are working but the low beams aren't turning on with the switch.

Searching online, I don't seem to find a fuse that might account for this. I also checked the fuses and didn't find any burned out. Note, I can't believe that Mercedes didn't include a fuse diagram or label... even the cheapest Japanese cars I've owned at least had them labeled on the inside of the fuse box cover... but I digress. The connections all appear to be corrosion free, as well.

I am assuming that the DRLs use the same bulbs as the low beams (the smaller round beams toward the outside of the headlight assemblies with a single H7 bulb per side). If this is the case, what should I be looking for that could be causing the low beams to not activate? Has anyone else experienced this?

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