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We had a club drive last Sunday which used some great twisty, hilly, "drivers" roads. On these sections there was only me (with wife and 2 kids) in my 190E 2.3 Sportline manual and another member (with his wife but empty back seat) in his 2.3-16 following me. Obviously he could haul me in on the uphill sections but in the twisty bits there was nothing in it. He admitted he had the advantage of having me in front "showing him the way". He commented on watching my rear suspension work. It was great fun and the Sportline handling is superb. It sits so flat in the corners and goes exactly where you point it. Only my brakes (after-market pads) let things down a bit. Towards the bottom of a steep and windy (2nd and 3rd gear) mountain pass the brakes which had been strong suddenly began to squeal and faded (and got very smelly). His 2.3-16 with its slightly larger brakes and OEM pads suffered no fade. In all, a fun "spirited" drive.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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