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Loud ticking noise coming from rear end

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Ok so I have a feeling that this may have came when I was driving home at night, ran over a 2x4 and it broke underneath my car. I lifted the car, noticed a piece of wood stuck underneath, pulled it out drove around and the noise was still there...

It comes from the Driver side Rear Wheel area (maybe not wheel but suspension, I don’t know)... It happens randomly, sometimes when I make a right turn, you can hear it. When I drive off it comes... and by the way did i say it is really embarassing?

It goes
Tick....tick..tick.tick.tick.tick (as I accelerate)

Any clues?

1988 300e, I never had this problem until I ran over that piece of wood...
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if the sound is random i doubt it is anything that is rotating IE gear teeth, halfshaft, etc. get it back on stands and run it while looking around and listening carefully. apply brakes while noise is present and see if it changes anything. does the noise change with increased rpm/speed? if so, it would not be considered random.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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