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Loud ticking noise coming from rear end

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Ok so I have a feeling that this may have came when I was driving home at night, ran over a 2x4 and it broke underneath my car. I lifted the car, noticed a piece of wood stuck underneath, pulled it out drove around and the noise was still there...

It comes from the Driver side Rear Wheel area (maybe not wheel but suspension, I don’t know)... It happens randomly, sometimes when I make a right turn, you can hear it. When I drive off it comes... and by the way did i say it is really embarassing?

It goes
Tick....tick..tick.tick.tick.tick (as I accelerate)

Any clues?

1988 300e, I never had this problem until I ran over that piece of wood...
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Parshman2 said:
Did you check your tires for blistering, or see if the tire is rubbing or both?

Yes i checked the tire, no rubbing at all the wheels fine..

I lifted the rear end of the car up and accelerated as it was jacked.. the noise is really loud and somehow sounds like the drive shaft.. rear differential. maybe a flex disc? i'm going to replace my flex disc, i have a feeling thats the problem.
Parshman2 said:
or you could have busted a tooth in the differential by popping it in gear foward or reverse.....has happended to me in a firebird.

i have a feeling this may be a possible winner. it does sound like its coming out from there, but its intermittent.

Ok so just as I thought, my rear flex disc. I had it on the jack, gassed it up a bit and had my brother hit the break, it made the noise. the flex disc was MISSING A BOLT.. how the hell that happened, i don't know.. it was worn out..
Replaced it (took 10 minutes) and the car drives like a dream! No sounds, no shakes, rattles, vibrations, nothing. I'm so relieved.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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