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Loud radiator fan

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I have a 2005 C230. About 30 secs after it starts until about 30 secs after it is turned off it sounds like a jet engine is in there.

It doesn't matter if it is cold or warm when it starts, or if the a/c is on or off. I have located the problem, which is the radiator fan. I have gone through the forums and tried a few things offered. The things I have tried are as follows:

reset the a/c by pushing the defrost and recirc air buttons until the led light quits blinking

moved the fan itself to see if it was stuck, which it wasn't, it turned easily

jiggled the fan back and forth to see if it was loose, it was on correctly

tapped the relay with a screwdriver while the car was running to see if it would adjust, didn't work

changed out the fuse, still didn't change anything

I amabout to pull out my hair, please help
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I recently experienced the same issue with the radiator fan for my 2006 C230 as it was going full speed when the key was in the ignition alongside the engine being on as well. This occurred after seeing I had stretched my serpentine belt while driving and caused the alternator, power steering pump and all the other components the belt is in charge of from functioning in the moments of the drive. I replaced the belt within the the same hour of the old belt tearing and when I turned on the engine to see the belt run , I also heard the jet noise of a sound the radiator fan can make ! I simply unplugged the fan and drove the car in two different intervals of the day for 5 minutes each. The next morning , I plugged the radiator fan back in and everything was back to normal as I figured the computer would know what to do this time !
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