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Loud pop and no more soft close

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Today i turned the w220 on and while the door was soft closing i head a loud pop it sounded like glass shattering. So my first instinct was i think the glass broke (window was down). Then when i got out of the car i hear a air leak as i close the door. The soft close worked flawless on this car since December. I know i have to replace mechanism in the door (had it done on the s55 waste of $700)

It really feels like a waste of money since the mechanism works and its most likely the actuator for the soft close. My question to you guys anyone have luck with the rebuild kits? Also the lock button on the keyless go for the drivers door handle does not work.
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Have you tried the rebuild kits that they sell online? Because mb doesnt sell actuators alone and you have to buy the whole assembly for $650 plus tax (my price is $520 out the door).
I have and never again. Horrible kit. My 6 years old can put something better together. Had to bite the bullet and buy a new actuator from the dealer after trying the kit. Try to see if any of the junk yards around you have anything...
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And i honestly do not want to go through the install and have to redo it. I would rather spend $600 and not touch the door panel again lol./QUOTE]

That's exactly what happened to me :( Not to mention I had to drive the car for few days without door panel till the new one arrived at the dealers. Hence I bit the bullet and replaced it with a new one. Good luck.
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