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2001 C180 2.0L
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First of all thanks for all the good feedback on this site. If is wasn't for this site I would feel a bit lost since the mechanics have not been able to help me.
I had a bit of problems with my C180 which I have solved bit by bit, but I need help with the loud idle whining coming from below the engine all the time. It sounds like a bad bearing. I don't think it is the drive belt (I listened to it through a hose to isolate the sound) and it sound more like coming from the lower pulley or just inside the bottom of the engine. I also have this smaller hammering sound on top of the engine which the mechanics are saying is just the valves (but I dont hear other MB sound like this). Could the problem be the camshaft actuator perhaps? How would I know if it is without replacing the actuator? It seemed to be leaking oil at the contact and I sprayed it with electrical spray but... The car does not have any error messages but this noise does not sound right to me.
Does any anyone have a suggestion there a bearing that I can re-grease. I hope I don't need to have the hole thing pulled apart :confused:

The other problems I had was something I could do easily myself:
1) passenger seat wound stop working. I had it back at the work shop 3 or 4 times all with same results..1-7 days later it would stop working again. I found out which fuse was blowing and then disconnected the plug for the seat which made the fuse stop it must be the seat! I pulled out the seat and after 3 or 4 more fuses it turns our to be a bad wire for the back support. Easy if you take you time :)
2) I had a loud roumble coming from beneath the care but only when I drove uphill at minimum 80 km/h. I tried to make the mechanics understand this and we went for a test drive but no hills around there so they did not do anything I think. I changed out the break pads on the front just 2 week ago and the sound went away :)
3) I had a quite rough gear change from 1 to 2 gear and I suspected the Mass Air-flow Meter (thanks to this forum). 2 week ago a warning light came on and the mechanic said it was "most likely the MAS" I disconnected the MAS and drive around for a while and it drove exactly like before. I know it is the MAS!
I tried to spray it with electrical spray but it did not do any difference.

Bottom line, I like these forums because with a little logic and common sense you can save a lot of money at the work shop!

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