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Loud clank sound when soft top compartment lid closes

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Sometimes when I put the top down and the final lid closes, it sounds like it make a much louder clank sound than usual. Is it just locking into place and there’s nothing wrong with it? I’m curious because usually it is a soft and easy click. It’s been doing this for as long as I’ve had the car.
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It's probably a broken plastic part inside the hinge that is used to secure it in the upright position during servicing. If that's it, you can simply cut it away. Like I said, it's only purpose is as safety catch when holding the cover upright while servicing the hydraulics.
Thanks. Where can I see this plastic piece when I open the top?
I used to have a photo, but can't find it. I did find a photo in this post:

Okay. Just to double check, the plastic piece is found on the hinge of the soft top lid, right? And, how should I rotate it to prevent it interfering with the top?
Yes it's a plastic arm in the middle of the cover hinge (one on each side). See that post I linked. There is a photo there showing the broken plastic with the arrows. Not that On either side of the hinge, there are plastic "ears" that can be rotated toward the front or back of the car. For normal use, they should be rotate to the rear. When you are servicing the system, they are rotated toward the front, which puts tension on the plastic arm inside the hinge so that it will keep the top cover open.
Okay so that plastic arm should also be rotated toward the rear then? Same as the ears?
The arm should not be able to be rotated. It's supposed to be a solid piece, but when it breaks, its halves just flop around and can then get caught in the hinge as it articulates and that's the popping noise. In that case, just cut it out of the hinge. I used wire cutters to snip off the flopping arm pieces on mine.
Okay I checked and both arms were fine. They’re not broken. I’ll send a pic tomorrow to figure out what else could be causing it.
Another possibility is an alignment issue with a small "hook" on the cover flaps.
Went to the mechanic. He said it’s nothing serious. It’s most likely the hinges where the hooks are that aren’t lubricated enough. I may have to spray some silicon lubricant.
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