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92 190E 2.6
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I have decided to clean up the storage closet and the parts cabinet and sell of some stuff that I don't need, or don't foresee my self using. All prices are OBO and do not include shipping, feel free to shoot me offers on anything.

Vacuum modulator for door locks (came out of a w201, also works with w124)- $15

M103 distributor cover- $10

M103 air cleaner box with K&N filter inside- $35

M103 spark plug wire holder (both pieces)- $10

All black w201 eBay style grille insert with out chrome strips- $25

Pair of brand new ball joints, sealed in package. I am unsure of brand, it just says ''Original Quality'' on the package in several languages. They have a 124 part number but they will also work on a 201- $30 for the pair

Brand new Meyle Ball joint (bag has been opened, but ball joint is unused)- $15

Brand new flex disc, sealed in original package with nuts and bolts, unsure of brand. Has a 202 part number but will work on a 201, 124, and 126- $20 Sale Pending

Brand new flex disc (out of package, no nuts and bolts) has 124 part number- $15 Sale Pending

Used later style AC controls- $15

Original Becker radio (with VIN of the car it was removed from) Working when removed, missing the WB (weather band) button, Volume knob shows some wear- $20

Smoked corner lights PLEASE NOTE- These are not eBay lights, they are original Bosch NAM lights which have been painted (by me). I did not use rattle can to paint these, I used 2oz of gloss black auto enamel mixed with 2oz of clear and a 1/2oz of reducer. They are not perfect if you look close, but look good on the car. One of them has a broken tab on the back, but still mounts fine on the car- $30

Set of very slightly used Bosch copper core plug wires for m103- $30

Brand new, never installed set of ALUMINUM (not chrome) gauge cluster rings for w201 (I know they are really hard to see in the picture)- $25

Used 6 prong plugs for Euro lights- $10 Sale Pending

Stock w201 side mirrors (pretty sure these also work on a w124)- $15

Used AC compressor will work with m102 and m103 motors. Was working when removed, but has a bare wire that was causing it to short that needs to be taken care of (pictured below)- $30

The cleanest used m103 intake manifold that you will ever see- $30

86(I think)-89 center console in good shape. Fan speed controls still in there- $15

Full set of face lift side cladding (light grey) will need some touch up paint on some panels. This is for the cladding only,no side skirts, no bumpers. I will include most of the clips needed (I only broke about 5 in the removal process)- $65
Pictures of the car that they came off of-

PM me with any questions or offers, willing to wheel and deal!
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