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Lots of issues after sitting for a few months

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Hey y'all, my car's key won't turn in the ignition so I can't start it, the doors won't lock or unlock even with the button inside the car, the trunk won't pop, the odometer reads "------" instead of numbers, and the only electronics that work are the screen in the gauge cluster when I open the door and the radio. I'm at a complete loss here, I might actually have to sell it even though it makes me very sad. If y'all know anything that may help please lmk, otherwise I might have to say bye to my dream car and save up for something else.
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2003 Mercedes’ c240 4Matic sedan w203 / 112 engine v6 2.6L naturally aspirated
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It could be combo of problems that are complex or very simple. Sounds to me like a key problem and, you might have to play with the wheel interface - once you get the ignition on (dash is on but engine is off). That and, burrow a battery tester from local parts store, give a call to see which stores is available for loan, and test the battery and alternator. But first start with the key fob. It may be a dead key that is not working, if so change the key battery, if still then use backup key or get a new key from dealer. Then do battery n’ alternator testing. Hope this helps
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