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lost when it comes to wheels!

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So I have read allthe post and im still lost on she'll and tire fitment.

I found some nice amg wheels at a nice price but don't know if they will work I need help I don't want these to slip away from me. The seller thinks them came off a SL 550.amg.

I have a 98 e320 sedan with stock wheels.

The wheels in question are.
18x8.5 245/45/18
18x9.5 275/45/18

With a 30 offset

The seller also has two new tires that are 225/40/18 if those are a better fit.

The number on the back of the wheel is A 230 401 2002 not sure what that means.
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The tires will have different rpm. General experience says the car can take about 3% differences, but than you will loose CC and have problem with ABS. Go on tire manufacturer site and check rpm for both sizes.
Going from 7" wide to 9.5 is going for extreme, so I would not pay for the wheels without trying them on.
The number from the wheels would indicate that they were originally fit for W230 body, but I can't find what car is it.
So the abs will mess up? What kind of issues are we talking about?
Not something you want to live with. You can play with tire changes to match the rpm on staggered wheels, but tires, especially 18" are not really cheap to play with.
Also went to a wheel calculator and the 30 et on the wheels I want I lose 2mm in the inside and gain 24mm on the outside would this even work?
Offset will not affect traction nor ABS, but wrong one will get your new wheels rubbing something.
What you call "lose 2mm" ?
The critical on W210 is front suspension. Original wheels have only about 5 mm clearance on the inside, so this is very easy to get rubbing. Rear and fenders have big clearances, so it will take a lot to bring a problem.
The truth it that nominal sizes and reality have pretty big tolerances.
I had 2 tires of the same nominal sizes for our ML and one rub, the other not. I measured the crowns and regardless the same nominals, they were over 10 mm different.
Put it on and see. On front it is pretty easy. Lay down in front of the bumper and look under the fender with wheels slightly turned. You will see suspension arm very close to the rim edge and than above a bolt that is close to the tire crown.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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