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lost when it comes to wheels!

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So I have read allthe post and im still lost on she'll and tire fitment.

I found some nice amg wheels at a nice price but don't know if they will work I need help I don't want these to slip away from me. The seller thinks them came off a SL 550.amg.

I have a 98 e320 sedan with stock wheels.

The wheels in question are.
18x8.5 245/45/18
18x9.5 275/45/18

With a 30 offset

The seller also has two new tires that are 225/40/18 if those are a better fit.

The number on the back of the wheel is A 230 401 2002 not sure what that means.
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I can't seem to find the length of the s550 or the e320 bolts does any one know what the size is off hand what they are?
So the abs will mess up? What kind of issues are we talking about?
Ok , so I went to a few wheels and tire websites put year make and model in to the the proper slots and picked only so me staggered sets. After some investigation I found a few sets and clicked add tires the tire size they say to use is


Buy its always something, the off set on this set was 32 in the front and 35 in the rear will a diffrent offset also cause the abs issue if the above set up would work for me?

Also went to a wheel calculator and the 30 et on the wheels I want I lose 2mm in the inside and gain 24mm on the outside would this even work?

Iam starting to thing this is to much might just move on and find another good thing I did get my windows tinted so there is some hope.
The calculator said 2mm less on the inside of the wheel. If it has 5mma to start with than that leaves 3mm to play with is that to risky? Does that tire setup sound ok.
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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