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lost when it comes to wheels!

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So I have read allthe post and im still lost on she'll and tire fitment.

I found some nice amg wheels at a nice price but don't know if they will work I need help I don't want these to slip away from me. The seller thinks them came off a SL 550.amg.

I have a 98 e320 sedan with stock wheels.

The wheels in question are.
18x8.5 245/45/18
18x9.5 275/45/18

With a 30 offset

The seller also has two new tires that are 225/40/18 if those are a better fit.

The number on the back of the wheel is A 230 401 2002 not sure what that means.
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traction control is dependent upon all 4 tires' rolling diameter to be the same (within
the margin of tolerance).
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