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Hi Guys

1st time poster here, hopefully someone can help.
I recently bought some used genuine AMG sill / body skirts for my 90 500SL and they are missing the jacking point covers.
MB here in Australia wants $200 each for them, does anyone know of any sources in the states that are cheaper.
I 'think' the part numbers for each of the four covers are as follows (it was what the MB guy was going to order for me until he told me the price)

- HWA1296980530
- HWA1296980630
- HWA1296980730
- HWA1296980830

My sill / skirt part number is as follows - but I could be wrong because the paint has made the numbers really hard to read.

- HWA12969009 (again this may be wrong )

Many thanks if you can help.



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