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I have a strange problem on w222 4matic. Was driving alone and lost all drive (both forward and reverse)

Checked with star it said faulty controller plate, swapped that with new one, same problem.

I noticed the output shaft was showing high RPM in xentry, so figured it must be rear transfer case (not sure why, did not think this through properly). I changed that from identical on off other car.

Same problem

Then I noticed when in drive, lying under the vehicle the front propshaft is spinning but the front wheels are not turning

So the front transfer case seems at least part of the problem.

My question is, would this make me lose rear wheel drive as well? I thought the rear wheel would turn regardless of the front working.

Just wanted to know if there is potentially a problem in the transfer case that is built into the gearbox (that drives front and rear propshafts). I already have that half removed and all seems fine so far. Figured I would ask this question before removing the rest just in case.

No more errors in xentry, car even changes gear to 2nd 3rd but does not move lol

Thanks in advance
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