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Hi Guys, been awhile since I have been on here, but do lurk often lol.
Having an issue with my MY12 CLS550 4Matic. Car has 45k miles on it.
Every once in a while as I am cruising down the highway and I go to give it throttle the car hesitates, and doesn't want to go. The RPMS's move up and down within a 500rpm range or so. Now I can floor it and the car will take off, albeit not with as much power but will go. Within a minute or so, it goes back to normal and all 100% power is back.

Oddest thing, and dealerships, as well as multiple mechanics have looked and found nothing. Like I said it's not like it happens all the time, just when it feels like it.

Has anyone had this issue before or can help my sanity???
I was thinking to flash the computer and do a tune, but in case this is something critical, I dont want to take the chance.
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