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Lorinsers -- Will They Fit 91 560 SEC?

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Thanks in advance for the help. I found a set of 17 x 8 Lorinsers for my 560 SEC. They are 5x112. Offset is 22. Tires are 235/55/17

I think they will fit. Just want to make sure -- no returns : )

Thanks again
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Yes they will. You can go up to Offset 25.
Also, You should fill out your profile so that people know who and where you are, so that they may offer advice.
17" Lorinsers will look sweet on your car-- congrats on a good find (again)! Great to meet you yesterday BTW.

Are you the guy that I was talking to with the 55K car? PM me your name again... Good to talk to you...

Great find too BTW!

Dave - Good meeting you too...
Are you the guy that I was talking to with the 55K car? PM me your name again... Good to talk to you...

Great find too BTW!

Dave - Good meeting you too...
Thanks -- yes that's me. My name is Mark

Great meeting both you guys!

Glad to know the Lorinsers will fit -- I thought maybe the diameter would be too big with the 235/55/17s, but sounds like I'm good to go!
You saw my AMG 18's. I know my suspension is high, but they should fit. You car is not lowered so you should be cool. Sweet car man! Beed anything, let me know. If you want to put in DVD/NAV, let me know. Gives it a real "Modern New Car" feel.
Lorinser RS 90

Hey Mark, good to meet you yesterday ...loved your black SEC. If you found some Lorinsers that are 17x8 et 22 then it's a good bet they are RS90's. That's what I had on my SEC at the meet (the faded, peeling silver blue metalic 500 SEC with the AMG wing on the back). I have 17x8 and 17x8 1/2 staggered with 245/45/17 front and 255/40/17 back with 1.5 inch lowered with no problems. I had been running 275/40/17 on the back but changed it when I dropped it.

If the wheels you are looking at are the one's in the pic, they are RS 90's



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That tire size that is mounted on the rims is going to screw up your spedo...wrong size to keep everything good without recalibrating the spedo.

Stock Tire - 205/65R15 Tire 1 - 235/55R17
Section Width: 8.07 in 205 mm Section Width: 9.25 in 235 mm

Rim Diameter: 15 in 381 mm Rim Diameter: 17 in 431.8 mm

Rim Width Range: 5.5 - 7.5 in Rim Width Range: 6.5 - 8.5 in

Overall Diameter: 25.49 in 647.44 mm Overall Diameter: 27.17 in 690.11 mm

Sidewall Height: 5.24 in 133.09 mm Sidewall Height: 5.08 in 129.03 mm

Radius: 12.74 in 323.59 mm Radius: 13.58 in 344.93 mm

Circumference: 80.07 in 2033.7 mm Circumference: 85.35 in 2167.8 mm

Revs per Mile: 816.0 Revs per Mile: 765.5

Actual Speed: 60 mph 100 km/h Speedometer1: 56.2 mph 93.8 km/h

Speedometer Difference: - Speedometer Difference: 6.596% too slow
Diameter Difference: - Diameter Difference: 6.19%
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That is one sweet car you have there. The absolute newest SEC I have EVER seen!
Great Buy!
There's a calculator in the wheels and tires sticky to let you know what tires you can roll with!
When I put the 16" Centra's on my car, I checked the standing height of the tires I was looking to put on and bought something near the same standing height(dia.) so the Speedo wouldn't be that much off. My 80 MPH reading now is 76 MPH by the GPS. So it reads a bit fast at 80.

BTW let me know if you are going to sell the Centra's on your car. I need a set for my 560SEL.
I have 20et 18x10's fit great , no rubbing on lock etc
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