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1980 500SE Lorinser, 1984 500SEL, 1984 Audi Coupe GT, 1994 Dodge Dakota
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With my continued journey with this 1980 500se Lorinser I have come to a big issue. it will start first click either cold or hot, idle fine, warm up fine but as soon as you give it little throttle or full throttle cold it'll began to run rough and eventually sputter out and die after about 3000rpm, however, once warmed up if you give it little throttle it'll do the same thing and die but if you give it full it'll run all the way up and rev fine(this is in park). if you put it in drive, sport, or low it'll idle forward fine until you give it gas then it'll sputter and die, however, in reverse you can give it some throttle and be fine but if you give it more then a small amount it'll sputter and die.
so far what I've done is replace spark plugs, distributor cap, rotor, wires, ignition coil, fuel pump, fuel filter, took apart and cleaned the warm up regulator, and took the exhaust off all to no avail.
my next guess is that its a vacuum leak issue (which I should have done first) because it has stuff disconnect and some replaced and some not.
1. the vacuum advance the top connection goes down into a connection on the throttle body, however, on my US 1985 500sel it goes into a T and goes to other areas (could just be a K vs KE thing or is there missing lines?
2. lower connection on vacuum advance is completely disconnected from looking I've done its suppose to hook to "vacuum valve" via a yellow and violet line and then that thing is suppose to go to some sort of source?
3. "vacuum valve" I found the yellow and violet line connected to a small cylinder with a smaller white cap it also has yellow line coming out of it as was depicted on the diagrams I found. this thing however is completely disconnected both lines come out of it to nothing.
3a. is this what connects to the lower vacuum advance?
3b. are the lines coming out from the correct side? the purple and yellow is toward rear and just yellow is toward front do they need to be swapped on "vacuum valve"
4. top vacuum connection on the WUR is disconnected and on the 85 it goes to a connector on the passenger side intake manifold, however, on the Lorinser there isn't a connection but some sort of diaphragm connected to the fuel distributor. where should the Lorinser's top WUR go to?
5. open connection on front driver side of intake manifold on the 85 this goes to the T that hooks to the top of the vacuum advance
6. No thermo valve/valves? in the diagrams, discussion, and the 85 these exist however where they should be on the lorinser there is nothing execept some screws. should I have thermo valves? where are they?
7. plugged hole on vacuum pipe. what goes here?

Red is current Blue is whats in the 85 (top of vacuum advance)

Lower connection on vacuum advance

vacuum valve, colors of lines coming out


Missing connector on top of WUR

The Diaphragm I talk about in 4

connecter on the Front left of intake manifold


This is where the thermo valves are on the 85

Plugged hole on front vacuum thing
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