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Loose Wire and Car In Limp Mode

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My son has an early A160 and the car would intermittently go into limp mode along with the ABS light coming on. He would restart his car... and be on his way again. Well that has now become a hard fault and unable to clear by re-starting the car. From what I have read, there are a number of possible candidates (Thinking MAF sensor), but there was also this (see photo) obvious loose cable dangling, and I can't find where it should go. Any help appreciated.
As an aside... the instrument panel with the odometer on it doesn't light up... but if you shine a torch on it, you can see that the KM's are still being updated. Would welcome any clues as to why that panel doesn't light up.

Thank you
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Well the ABS PUMP/MODULATOR P/N A0044310912 has been replaced. Now I'm being told that the ESP HBA Unit P/N 1685450832 also needs replacing.
Any thoughts on how the repairer is progressing? I would have thought that if MB's diagnostics were engineered properly, it should be able to fault-find down to a specific component. (PS: Ex Air Force technician and instructor, so not the easiest customer to be taken a lend of).
Thanks Forrera re heated washer cable. Probably not an issue on the Gold Coast.

Still at a loss for the BAS / LIMP mode issue. They replaced the pump/ controller unit. Now saying to replace the BAS Unit from under the seat. Problem is, I can't find the exact part # in Australia. Plenty of units close in part # from A160's, but not 1685450832 like what is in it.
Have been told by one seller that 1685451332 is also correct. An expensive gamble I'm not willing to take unless get the thumbs up from a higher authority. Apparently they don't repair them here in Australia either.
Loose wire under the bonnet is for heated windscreen washer nozzles
Actually have had the conversation with mechanic re getting rid of it. Very hard to maintain over here in Australia. I've got a computer coming in the mail that does ABS etc. So this may be taken off the road and become a long term project if I can't sort the BAS limp mode issue quickly
I can see from the pictures your car is automatic.
Is it the engine or the gearbox entering limp mode?
When the BAS warning light is on do you have the gear number showing next to odometer, or F, or nothing?
Is hard to respond to your query as the little display with the odometer doesn't light up.
Repair shop fitted a replacement ESP + HBA Control Unit today. Have already replaced the ABS pump assembly. Still no joy. Repair shop said the computers aren't talking and next step would be sinking in big $ to do electrical pin checks. Recommendation was to send it ṭo the wreckers.
How can you tell if it's transmission vs engine limp mode?
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