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loop style glow plugs

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Hopefully someone can help me......just aquired a 1979 300d that the last owner couldnt get to start....he had fitted new glow plugs but couldnt remember which way the wire has a ground wire at #1 and connection bars for the rest....the plugs have ceramic insulators on them and the way they were wired, the live was going through all the plugs and shorting to the ground wire at #1....any help would be great..dave
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Mercedes Diesel Glow Plug Repair

There's some pics of the older setup. It's like those bad christmas lights though, one's out, and they're all out with that series wiring.

The upgrade mentioned in dieselgiant's tutorial to the new style plugs will cost you under $100, and be well worth the investment.
Get the pencil type plugs as mentioned in the tutorial. They are lightening fast compared to the loop style ones which take forever to heat up.
thanx for the answers.....i just cant see how running a live down the glow plugs and then grounding that live at #1 can work....HELP...
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