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Lookking to get G

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Hi All
Any recomendation from pros wich year should I get in G-Wagon used of course
And if any body wants to sell it let me know
Thank you
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All of the Europa imported G500's were CA certified. There are a few non Europa pre MBUSA G500's though so watch for those. The other 463 models are hit and miss for CA certifications just like the 460's. It was an extra expense to have them CA certified. The best advice is to move out of CA[:D]
I am 99.9% sure that ALL of the Europa G500's are CA legal. I was at Europa prior to the EPA's final approval of the trucks. There must have been 40 new G500's sitting in Santa Fe. They were not released to buyers until the certification was complete and that meant 50 state legal. This applied to every V8 truck they sold with production dates starting in 1998.

The best places to look for the newer trucks would be e-bay and I think the mbusa website lists certified pre owned inventory on dealers lots. Autotrader might also be a good source.

I would suggest that you get the newest you can afford. Each year after 2002 seems to get better with regards to getting some of the electronic bugs worked out. See if you can check service records for any vehicle you consider. If it has been in the shop frequently it is something to avoid. There should be plenty of "good" 2003+ trucks to choose from. All of the new versions are very similar as well. Unless you need the 450hp supercharged version that started in '05 there is little to differentiate the trucks in this run.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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