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Lookking to get G

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Hi All
Any recomendation from pros wich year should I get in G-Wagon used of course
And if any body wants to sell it let me know
Thank you
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Recommend doing a little reading on this forum, or maybe a lot of reading, becuase it's seems pretty clear you haven't done much considering you gave no clue as to what you might be interested. It's been in production since 1979 so whose selling what is a pretty wide range... you wanna spend $4k or $90k? you want 98hp or 450hp? You want a vehicle with near no electronics you can push start or a vehicle you might need a teleaid re-boot to start if the electronics act up?

P.S. (Dutch did give you a pretty good tip, but still really depends what you want)
Are you sure? If you are, i wont dispute becuase i'm not totally sure, but i also thought i remember that from 98-00 europa had Small Volume Manufacturers status and as such they all came 50 states legal too keep things simple.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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