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SOON, hopefully
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I'm new to diesels, new to Mercedes, new to cars...
I wish to purchase a diesel because of their reliability and their ability to convert to VO
I wish to purchase a Mercedes or VW, old, preferably, because of my limited background in automobiles, i believe few parts would allow for easier DIY repair.
CL link: REFERENCE ONLY 1980 300 SD Turbo Diesel im not looking to advertise, although inadvertently am.
Owner claims "About 20,000 mi. on new MB crate motor. OM617"
I believe it is a 116 not a 126, based on rear headlights?
I've read that the 116 models rust much more rapidly and severely than the 126's. So a thorough rust inspection, of course.
Nothing is said about the transmission, 4-speed auto, i assume
Any specifics i should address while inspecting the car?
Am I in over my head? Should i look for something newer? I do not have a shop/garage, so some extreme repairs are out of my league.
Great resource site BTW.
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