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looking to purchase known tested good EZL coil

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Would like to purchase a known good working EZL for 1989 560 SEL. NEED TO TEST/ rule out ezl . Also, would different v8 fuel pump relay part numbers affect idle speed and smoothness ?

Thanks forum
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125 coil solves a lot of crappy electrical issues, along with good grounds, etc.
Yes, look at your coil first. If the connection points in to the engine, get that one even if the part nbr is different than the epc or autohausaz number. Same part just different orientation.
There's just one coil on your '89 and no OEM options that I'm aware of. Use your VIN when ordering.
This is what I was referring to Mike: Your Parts Search Returned 2 Part(s) Coil

"Bosch does not note this unit on these models but Mercedes owners report this unit is present, it is reverse of the 00087. Please verify appearance of existing unit, in particular the orientation of the connections, prior to ordering. 1 per car."
they are identical (my cousin vinny) but mine is so tight in there I would hate to buy the one on the wrong side and not be able to get the blasted leads up to the nut...grrr I would most likely punch something and break it LOL

I always thought a disgruntled employee at Bosch flipped the blueprints at some point. Just because.... :cool:

the guy that did it is the sweetheart with the toupe' and leopard wrap. EWWW don't show that anymore. Kneesox and hirachis --gross
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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