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looking to purchase known tested good EZL coil

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Would like to purchase a known good working EZL for 1989 560 SEL. NEED TO TEST/ rule out ezl . Also, would different v8 fuel pump relay part numbers affect idle speed and smoothness ?

Thanks forum
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Ok point taken. NEW coil first then we will see where we stand. What's this business about right side or left side coil? Are there 2 oem part possibilities ?
There's just one coil on your '89 and no OEM options that I'm aware of. Use your VIN when ordering.
This is what I was referring to Mike: Your Parts Search Returned 2 Part(s) Coil

"Bosch does not note this unit on these models but Mercedes owners report this unit is present, it is reverse of the 00087. Please verify appearance of existing unit, in particular the orientation of the connections, prior to ordering. 1 per car."
Got it. Glad to know this since I'm sure there's a coil in my future...
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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