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I never liked the 95's because the brake pads and rotor are insanely expensive becasue they are mix matched from other Mercedes. Also they have the square buttons in the center console, and the gauge cluster is specific to that year as the pulgs are different.
Also I believe there are some differences under the hood.
But thats just my opinion.
Lets not mix facts and opinion, because you're wrong on many points.

Yes, the OEM brake rotors are expensive, about $170 each. This is because they are directional with a different part number for left and right. If you can handle losing the directional fins (like the '96 and after) there are aftermarket rotors available starting for about $75. Also, you can find front pads starting at about $35 for a set, so they're just as cheap as any other car.

You are correct about the buttons, though it's nitpicking. I believe the '96 and after switches come in a pack, so you can't replace individual switches as you can in the '95. Not good if you only need one switch.

Is there a big demand for different gauge clusters? I don't see how that matters in any way.

I'd like to know specifically what changed under the hood, because I'm certain it's nothing major. C36 rated power did not change until '97 when it picked up about 10 HP and the 5 speed automatic.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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