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Looking to get rims 2001 ML430 W163

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I am looking into getting a nice set of sporty, yet practical 20 inch rims.

The bolt pattern is a 5 bolt. (not sure of the corresponding sizing though)

What offset should I be looking for?

And from what i've heard, under 10 inch width is ideal for not being outside the fenders.

And finally, are there any tires you experienced ML'ers would recommend checking out, assuming they are economically priced.

I appreciate the help, I am rather inexperienced in terms of rims/tires.
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I am also (still) looking to 'upsize' my OEM wheels - 2004 Inspiration 17" x 8.5"
I would prefer to stick with the 8.5" width (275 tires look good), but wonder if anyone knows the MAXIMUM tire DIAMETER for this vehicle to maintain (vertical) clearance? Then I can back down towards a 'comfortable' combination of wheel diameter (metal) and sidewall/profile (rubber).
Thanks for any help.
Thanks, porschenut - I don't think that set-up would take the Jersey potholes for long!!
I'm going to try for a max. 45% profile.
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