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Looking to buy Wagon MidAtlantic Area

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I'm searching for a wagon, mostly for the third row seating, and I'm in the Mid-Atlantic area. The car will be used for hauling kids around, and will surely get lots of juice spills and food all aver it, maybe even lots of exterior scratches. So I'm not too worried about the interior or exterior. I would like to make sure I don't buy a maintenance nightmare though.

- Is there a list of problem areas to look when buying a 2004+ E series wagon?

- Is there a maximum mileage where these cars can become maintenance nightmares? Or are these cars that will be reliable up to 200k miles (or something crazy like that)?

- Minimum price I should expect to pay for a good one? (I keep seeing 70k+ mile cars in the $15k range. Is there something wrong with these cars, or is that a fair price?)

Thanks for any help offered!
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I ended up with one in 63k mileage range for $19K over a year ago. It has every option
except Distronic. Also it is a 4matic.
For 04s the pricing you are seeing is correct.
The drive trains if properly serviced by previous owners will go 200k. It is some of the
electronics I have seen failures on.
The third row seating is handy when the passengers are under 120lbs, but not rated
for a higher weight than that.
The cargo space as a wagon when the third row is not in use is very nice to have.
I would opt for the E500. That extra grunt is really nice and the MPG difference is not
a large one by any means.
I get 22mpg on the highway.

Over the last 8600 miles it is at 18.9 combined driving mileage.

If really put the boot to it I can drop those numbers to about 16 and 13. I rarely drive it
that hard.
That is what I drive. I am like a grandpa with it most of the time.

The numbers surprised me. That is on non RFG fuel. RFG with a 10% ethanol blend cost me
10-15% in MPG. I mention that for people that live in regions that mandate RFG.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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