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Looking to buy Wagon MidAtlantic Area

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I'm searching for a wagon, mostly for the third row seating, and I'm in the Mid-Atlantic area. The car will be used for hauling kids around, and will surely get lots of juice spills and food all aver it, maybe even lots of exterior scratches. So I'm not too worried about the interior or exterior. I would like to make sure I don't buy a maintenance nightmare though.

- Is there a list of problem areas to look when buying a 2004+ E series wagon?

- Is there a maximum mileage where these cars can become maintenance nightmares? Or are these cars that will be reliable up to 200k miles (or something crazy like that)?

- Minimum price I should expect to pay for a good one? (I keep seeing 70k+ mile cars in the $15k range. Is there something wrong with these cars, or is that a fair price?)

Thanks for any help offered!
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Hi, I just joined today with the very same question. I'm looking at 2008-2009 E350 wagons (blue or flint gray). I have always wanted one a long time...a very long time...since my first car I bought was a 1964 220b. Well I am toying with getting one. I would keep a car 10 years if I liked it, and I know I would like the wagon. I had an older daily driver a few years back (81 240d (4spd)...bought for $700!...sold for $600 after 2 years!!); rust and all it never let me down and I only got rid of it because I got a company car. Now I am getting an allowance and while really expensive, I think if I keep it longer than the common $25-32k car, it may be worth it. I see a few CPO's at $46k (between 10-25k miles) and wanted to spend closer to $40k. Man, I more afraid of owning a $40k Mercedes than driving my old 240d 60 miles everyday. I do my own oil/filter changes and have a really good mechanic. I drive about 18k miles per year and just can't seem to get off the fence. Any opinions?

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