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Looking to buy this 1995 E320. What do you think?

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Needing some advise from exiting owners. Is this a good deal? Too many miles? I tinker with old cars so I can do most basic repairs

Grapevine Motors Specials

Being my first Benz, I need some advise on what to expect

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Looks like a decent car, if it drives well. Easy car to work on, plenty of repair info available. It's not a Special Edition however.
Yeah, not an SE, but it looks pretty good.

I'd not pay more than $2800 for it...and make ABSOLUTELY SURE you test reverse both when the engine/drivetrain is cold AND hot. If it takes a long time to go into reverse, it needs a transmission.

Don't ask how I know... As it stands, I'm going to drive mine until transmission failure, then I'll fix it.

Now that I've driven my E320 for about a thousand miles, I have to say part of me likes it better than the 126 it replaced. It handles remarkably well for a car of it's size and 'cushiness'. The 126 was very land-yacht like, which I like, but there were times I wished it weren't quite as large.

This comes from someone who is a lifelong and die hard land-yacht lover/owner.

Like most here, I consider the 123, 124, and 126 to be about middle-aged when they get to 170K-200K miles. Honestly, the both the 126 I had and the 124 I currently have are both more solid than the only new car I've owned, when said car was three months old.
What about the Green E320 at this dealer? Which one do you like better?
What makes a Special Edition?
There were specific wheels, metal door sill trim, and metallic paint. I've seen reference to a six disc CD changer as well.

I like the wheels, mainly because they're different, yet still OEM.
Early w210s like the green one pictured have to be inspected for spring perch failures. Read more about that in the w210 forum.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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