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Hi all.
I'm the proud owner of a CLK and enjoying the Mercedes experience. My daughter is looking to replace her very old Golf, her first car. We're looking to buy an A class around 2002 -2003. A couple of questions to this great community.

I know there's a common issue with the gearbox going to get you home mode because of a selector PCB fault. Are there any other common gotchas on this model? I don't mind doing some repairs, I'm a fairly competent mechanic / engineer but don't want to spend more than the cost of the car's purchase fixing it up to a reasonable level.

Is there a way to read off the fault codes? My CLK has a COMAND screen which gives me an instant read of the fault code history. I don't really want to buy a code reader just for this car, £ 100+ that might not be necessary.

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